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Keep your quality of life with good health. Alongside a high-quality diet and exercise, you could do even more to keep a step ahead. Getting a Men's Wellness Panel completed will provide a man a plain picture of how well his major body functions are working. Men are even able to order this set of test screens and panels online through KwikMed.com.

While having a Men's Wellness Panel differing panels performed are: Testosterone Serum, PSA Test, Renal Panel Lipid Panel with LDL/HDL Ratio, CBC with Differential/Platelet, Iron and TIBC, Urinalysis Routine, Electrolyte Panel, Thyroid Panel with TSH Hemoglobin A1, and Hepatic Function Panel. All of these tests, conclusively, will tell you if there is a sign of any health problems allowing you to catch matters early on for the finest treatment options.

++With these panels, a thorough check of the patient's blood is completed. Hemocrit is inspected as an marker of specific blood disorders and malnutrition. Hemoglobin is calculated to keep one from falling short of breath and fatigued. Iron and vitamin deficiencies are assessed using a Red Cell Count panels and Mean Corpuscular Volume test. Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin looks at the average red blood cell's sum of hemoglobin, and Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration scrutinizes the concentration of hemoglobin within the average red blood cell. Along with this, the variation of size in a person's red blood cells is considered as a predictor for certain kinds of anemia. An additional blood count performed is Percentage and Absolute Differential Count. This count tallies the exact number of each kind of blood cell through a microscope. Platelets are counted since low levels can imply issues with stopping bleeding once it occurs. White Blood Cell Count is crucial to the immune system.

A Cholesterol-Lipid Panel is performed to assess for elevated levels, which increases risk of a heart attack. Good cholesterol (HDL), "bad" cholesterol (LDL), Triglycerides, and Very Low Density Lipoprotein (VLDL) are all assessed in this blood panel.

A thyroid panel is done to check for an under activity of the gland, or an over activity of the thyroid gland. The Electrolyte Panel determines if chloride, carbon dioxide, and sodium levels in the body are suitable. The Liver Panel checks enzyme matter to conclude if the liver has been diseased or damaged. The Kidney Renal Panel establishes how effectively the kidneys are presently functioning in many different realms. Iron and Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) examines iron content in the blood. Prostate Cancer-PSA Test screens for prostate cancer along with other conditions. A Urinalysis is completed to measure differing compounds which pass through your urine. Hemoglobin is a molecule present in red blood cells that stick to glucose. Hemoglobin A1 is a test to make sure blood glucose levels are properly-regulated. Testosterone Serum checks for atypical production of male hormone.

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Have you asked yourself if you are suffering from a malfunction of your Thyroid? Do you often feel tired, have a lack of enthusiasm, feel down and can't get off those last few pounds?

Shaped like a butterfly or shield (which is why its name comes from the Greek "shield"), the thyroid is a vital part of the body's endocrine system. It is a gland that is under the Adam's apple and located before the trachea in the neck. The hormones it produces get moved throughout the body via the bloodstream to supply bodily tissues; these hormones include T4, or Thyroxine, and T3, or Triodothyronine.

When a body's thyroid hormones function properly, one's body is able to process food correctly, converting it to energy. In addition, all food is metabolized and then must be eliminated as waste which utilizes additional energy for the conversion process. One's thyroid is essential for numerous bodily functions, as the hormones produced are responsible for determining proper metabolism and thus can affect the growth and efficiency of other body systems. A primary example of this is the hormone calcitonin. It is produced by the thyroid gland and regulates the levels of calcium circulating in the blood. To properly produce these hormones, the body must have enough iodine and an amino acid known as tyrosine.

Over ten million women could be affected by thyroid deficiencies on a subnormal level, and be totally unaware of this condition. Women aged 35 to 55 are most affected, especially those who are perimenopausal or menopausal.

The Thyroid Foundation of America has studied this and estimates that more than 11 million women could have an abnormal thyroid situation. When considering that a lot of women have this borderline condition, there may be an additional number in the tens of millions that suffer from related symptoms, which indicates hypothyroidism. Of course, those who are currently perimenopausal or menopausal are affected more than others, meaning those in the age range of 35-55.

The thyroid is important in its function to create hormones that control one's metabolism. In fact, when a woman experiences tiredness and irritability, along with the inability to think straight, this might point to a thyroid issue. Other notable problems might be hot flashes, heart palpitations, difficulty sleeping, and the gaining of excess weight.

When one's metabolism runs efficiently, one can burn calories most effectively and thus lose weight or at least stay at a normal weight. The hormones produced in the thyroid are what manages this, and also the way that the body uses vitamins it gets from food. Thyroid function is so important that it affects many bodily systems, including the muscular, reproductive, circulatory, nervous, and digestive systems. Within each cell, it affects the activity of the creation of the item that produces energy in the cells. It also allows for proper use of oxygen throughout the body.

Thyroid hormones produce energy in the body, and when insufficient supplies are produced, a person's metabolism slows down. Then, it comes as no surprise that a person is subject to excessive weight gain or obesity.

When a person has a healthy metabolism, it must mean that the hormone leptin is properly curbing hunger within their system. This hormone is regulated by thyroid function and is created out of fat cells that also maintain proper energy for use by the body. Thus, thyroid function is crucial to proper appetite and the maintenance of one's weight. In addition, it affects their ability to awaken and rise and their energy levels throughout the day.

Since subnormal thyroid function causes symptoms shared by many other illnesses, it has come to be known as the great imitator.

When a person has the following medical symptoms, why have they been told their thyroid is normal?

* Fatigue in the morning

* Trouble remembering things

* Brain befuddlement or fogginess

* Rash eruptions

* Severe headaches, or migraines

* More susceptibility to hot and cold conditions

* Less moisture in the facial skin and Hair depletion (occurring mainly outside of the eyebrows)

* Dispirited nature (more observable in seniors)

* Apprehension and nervousness

* Tendency to crave more sleep

Almost every doctor will give a woman the usual TSH and T4 tests in an attempt to determine low thyroid function. Unfortunately, these tests are not complete and most women end up being diagnosed as having normal thyroids when they do not. Usually, doctors rely on determining thyroid function from these tests since TSH comes from the brain's pituitary gland and is what determines the secretion of T4 which is then converted to T3. This is why the drop in these two hormones should indicate hypothyroidism as a simultaneous increase in TSH occurs. Using this method will omit the diagnosis of those who do not have severe hypothyroidism, yet are low normal only. There are so many other factors that can contribute to low thyroid that a more thorough testing is necessary for a complete diagnosis.

Women might instinctual know there is something wrong with their thyroid yet not get those answers from their doctors; this can be rather frustrating. So, when thorough testing shows there is a thyroid issue, women can get some comfort knowing they are on their way to true healing and a properly functioning thyroid level.

When the Archives of Internal Medicine, a scientific magazine, performed a study regarding low thyroid function in those whose thyroid showed "normal", an increase in the likelihood of those having arteriosclerosis (hardened arteries) and double the rate of heart attacks was found. This "low-normal" thyroid ranch is known as sub-clinical hypothyroidism and causes tiredness, depression, inability to lose weight and other negative effects. It is in a woman's best interests to regain a normal thyroid function as it will affect her overall well-being and bring her health back up to what is most desired.

If you or anyone you know is unnecessarily suffering from these symptoms, get a consultation at no charge to find out if handling the thyroid is the answer. There is a chance that you can relieve some aggravation about this and get to the root of the problem.

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Some people think that they can control their body shape with over the counter medication even though they are already suffering from a thyroid condition. It is not always a safe combination. The weight loss pills can affect the absorption of your prescribed thyroid medication. This could heighten the effects of the thyroid problem a person had. In order to minimize some of the effects of the interaction a person should take them separately and give them time to be absorbed in the body before taking the next one. It is also advisable to have your thyroid levels checked more often to make sure you do not need to adjust your dosage when taking weight loss products.

Any weight loss product that a person considers using should be approved by the FDA. But approval by the FDA does not mean that the weight loss drugs will be safe to take. It is better if a person does not take the pills at the same time but they can do more. A person should also inform their doctor when they are taking the weight loss drugs. When a person talks to a doctor they can find out how the two drugs can interact and what effect they might have on their body.

Very fat people are the ones that the weight loss pills are designed for. They can be helpful for people who struggle with hypothyroidism and also struggle with weight issues. The problem is, the claims made about these drugs can be overly hyped and the proper warnings are not heeded by those who are desperate to loose weight and since weight gain is often one of the symptoms of low thyroid condition that a person faces and if a person has a low functioning or slow thyroid, they might find that it is very difficult to lose weight and any product that claims that you will be able to lose weight without effort on your part is very attractive although it is also usually misleading.

Not every diet pill is always safe and there have been several that have been taken off the shelves because they were found to be unsafe. For people taking a prescription for a thyroid condition, were the risks even greater? It is not always a good idea to use an over the counter medication that says it can do more than anything else and is overly hopeful about how it will affect a person. The old fashioned way for weight loss of proper nutrition and physical activity is still the most beneficial method. Weight loss programs that ignore this basic principle are usually not successful in the long run and should be used with care.

Some people might turn to low thyroid diet pills that promise to not only help a person control their thyroid but also help control their weight, but for some people the unpleasant side effects that include diarrhea, cramping, bloating and abdominal discomfort, that are sometimes worse than any benefits that the pills give and could possibly interfere with any prescription medicine that a person is taking to control the hormone output of their thyroid.

Thyroidism can cause both unexplained weight gain and unexplained weight loss. Although people might not like the shape their body is in they need to be careful about what they do to fix it. The answer might or might not be found in some type of weight loss pill. There are plenty of methods that a person can opt for to control their body shape besides the pills. The best method involves making healthy choices. A healthy lifestyle is not only good for a person's body shape but can also be used to correct the other problems that the thyroidism is causing them.

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It can be tough to explain to people that there is a reason for your weight problem. It is frustrating to tell people that you can not lose weight because you have a thyroid condition. There is a large group who will not listen to this explanation and will think it is due to the lifestyle that you lead. When you have an under active and over active thyroid you will not have a metabolism that is working in the manner it should which causes a person to struggle with their weight.

We need a proper functioning thyroid for many reasons. The hormones control how we burn calories. When your body is hypothyroid your heart beats at a slower rate than that of a normal heart so it is not a condition that should go untreated and for people who suffer from this condition, weight gain is one of the symptoms of low thyroid condition due to the slower metabolism which means that a person is not able to burn the calories that they take in as efficiently as they should and the extra calories that are not burned get stored in the body as layers of fat.

Once the problem of hypothyroidism is diagnosed a person can do many different things to help not only treat their thyroid but to also control their weight and although for some people the answer might be as simple as taking a low thyroid diet pills, the answer for others will be much more complex and will require that person to take several steps to control the hormone output of their thyroid.

In order for a person to understand the effects of thyroidism and how it affects them they need to check with a health professional. By using different diagnostic procedures, an accurate assessment of a patients condition can be determined. When determining the course of treatment it is important to accurately access the needs of the individual and how they should be treated. No two people are the same. No two treatment programs are going to be the same.

Many of the drugs that are used to treat the thyroid can have other effects on a person and a health professional can advise the patient about these. There are some therapies that will cause a person to consume more calories than is healthy for them to do. Because the metabolism is affected a person will find it difficult to keep a healthy body shape because of the thyroid problem. It might not be wise to use a medicine that also contributes to this issue. One of the keys to effective treatment of thyroidism is consistency. It is also good to take the medication on an empty stomach. The key to this is to take the drugs at a certain time of the day that is consistent every day.

Everyone has probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People suffering from thyroidism need to pay special attention to that. A healthy diet that starts out your day is very good at getting a person up and moving in the right direction. By eating right a person can give their body the best chance to burn calories efficiently. Pounds will not be added as easily if the metabolism is working better.

Physical activity is another important facet of the treatment. A good exercise program is a central part of staying in shape. The amount of exercise will depend on what a person is capable of. Exercise can be especially important for someone who is also suffering from issues with their thyroid. A person with thyroidism needs to accept that they have to do some things differently. The condition needs to be treated properly. The treatment can minimize the effects of the condition. People should not let a medical problem run their life, and instead should do what they have to do so they can enjoy the things they want to.

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It did not seem like a big deal at first. My body was not working in the way I was used to. At first I said it must be a part of the aging process. But it was hard not to believe that something else might be wrong.

I did some research on the computer and went to a medical website that allowed me to put in the symptoms that I had including recent weight loss, sluggishness, fatigue, I was anxious and irritable, my hands ached and my skin was dry and the website told me that these were the symptoms of low thyroid condition and it also explained why I was feeling more depressed about things I did not understand. An under active thyroid means that for some reason or another a person is not producing enough chemicals from the thyroid to allow the body to function in the proper way. When the gland is making extra hormones a person will struggle with a thyroid condition as well.

In order to resolve the problems I faced I was required to face the problem. I could not hope it would disappear over time. The good news is that it is treatable, and the bad news is that it does not go away so it would be something that I would be dealing with for a long time and it was not a simple solution of taking a few low thyroid diet pills but would require me to make some changes in my lifestyle to compensate for the problems that an under active thyroid cause on a person's body, but the lifestyle changes were doable and I decided to find out exactly what I would need to do.

I made an appointment to see my physician. The doctor took my history and was also concerned that I might have an under active thyroid. The only way to know for sure was through a blood test. I had the blood work done and the results were given to my doctor in a relatively short time. The tests confirmed the suspicions that I had. I had hypothyroidism. After the confirmation came the discussion of what to do about it.

My doctor put me on some prescription medicine. When you use drugs to treat it you have to take the time to find the one that works for you and how much of it to take. It would be a case of adjusting it until you find what works. I was assured that we would eventually find the right dosage for me. But taking medicine was not enough for me. I had already learned that some people were able to take care of their condition through the use of other alternative therapies. I decided that I could get additional information to help me.

My research turned up many interesting things. There were certain foods that I could add to my diet that would help my thyroid. Along with eating things that made me feel better, I learned not to eat certain things. Although I was eating to help the thyroidism, I was helping other things within myself at the same time. Physical activity is another thing that can allow you to treat thyroidism. Again this helped my overall health. There is also a need for a person to reduce their stress level if they are dealing with thyroidism. Stress can affect your thyroid among other parts of the body.

When I began my healthier regimen I started a diary. The use of this allowed my doctor to make adjustments to my medicine a lot faster. The changes became something I enjoyed rather than something I had to do. In the end, I was healthier than when I started.

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It is not unheard of for a person's body to change without them knowing why it is happening. For some people finding out that the weight change is due to a medical condition can be a blessing. The doctor says you'll be able to control your weight much more easily once you start on your thyroid hormone replacement drug.

But for some people, the treatment does not change their problem with weight and even though it might be able to resolve some of the other symptoms of low thyroid condition, a person will still continue to be unhappy with their body shape and will wonder what else is behind the pounds that they have packed on if it is not due to a thyroid problem.

People will try to adjust their medications. More attention will be paid to the diet. But they cannot fix their body shape despite the effort. For some people they might need to look behind the medical condition to determine why they are struggling.

It is something that anyone with a thyroid problem needs to be aware of. It is not uncommon of a person who has thyroidism to also have weight issues. There are other reasons that your body can not burn calories that are part of the thyroidism but affect the body separately.

In order to control their weight a person needs to work in conjunction with their physician. Through a variety of tests it is possible for a doctor to look at how the whole hormonal system is working in a person and consider this relationship in their treatment. The way one gland is producing the hormones could cause the other glands to work in an inefficient way also. Knowing the interplay of the hormonal systems will provide a person with a more complete picture of your overall hormonal health. It is the best way to come up with a regimen that will do more than just treat one problem but instead will focus on the entire body and its functions.

The key for a person who has this medical condition is to remember that they have to think holistically rather than just at the one problem. You can not solve the problem of thyroidism if you ignore the other problems it may cause. It is not a simple process of taking some low thyroid diet pills, but is rather a vigilant effort that entails the medicine along with a proper diet and exercise regimen that needs to be constantly reevaluated for a person to keep their health at the highest possible level.

Thyroidism makes it difficult for a person to keep their weight under control. But it is not something that a person has to accept. A person has to dedicate themselves to a healthy lifestyle. Another key is to realize that not everything is within your control. Writing down things is a great tool. Diaries serve multiple purposes for an individual. In the diary a person can track the pounds they gain or lose. It can also be sued to monitor your workout regimen. They can write down their goals. People will put in the diary the ups and downs of their problems and how it affects them. This ability to express everything can help the mental aspect of the problem.

Losing weight requires both a physical and mental effort. The body is affected directly by a person dealing with this medical condition. Using the mind is very important for a person to overcome some of the physical limitations. Understanding what is happening will help them keep control of it.

People with a thyroid problem might struggle with their weight. But through medical treatment a person can have some control. Unfortunately it is not simple to do. The key is to commit yourself to the work that lies ahead of you.

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People should be aware of the effect of a little butterfly shaped organ in their body. Many people are unaware of how it can affect them. If it is not working people might not know it either. People should learn how the different parts of their bodies work and that includes the thyroid. The signs of an under active or over active thyroid is another thing that people should take the time to understand.

There are certain things that a person will see to identify a possible issue no matter what it is that created the condition. The key thing is not to ignore them and to consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis. A person puts the gland in danger for many different reasons. They include such things as radiation treatment for cancer, complete or partial thyroid gland removal, an inherited condition, a non-functioning pituitary gland, pregnancy or recent delivery of a baby, or an immune disease that affects the thyroid and a person can suffer from a variety of symptoms of low thyroid condition which can alert them to a potential problem.

The metabolic rate of a person is determined by how many of the essential hormones the thyroid releases. Low levels of the chemicals result for a thyroid that is not working as well as it should. A person will not being to keep their metabolism running at the right level when this occurs. In response to the low levels, a chain reaction starts. A person will start to change the way other hormones are released. These changes are able to be detected by a health professional.

When your body does not make enough thyroid hormones it can cause a number of symptoms and it is important to know that there are no minimum number of symptoms needed for a diagnosis and there are different under active thyroid symptoms in men and men so but in general a person may just feel sluggish and fatigued, and then later they may start to notice other symptoms such as hair loss, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, brittle nails, memory problems, trouble concentrating, constipation, depression, mood swings, unexplained weight gain or hoarseness. A person will see their thyroid swell when this happens.

Hypothyroidism is a condition which puts a female who is pregnant in a higher risk category. Someone who has just started their pregnancy will be at a greater risk. It is vital for any woman who thinks or know s that they are pregnant to talk to their doctor to properly monitor the situation. Your TSH level can rise quickly in the first few months of pregnancy due to the increased production of estrogen, increasing the risk of miscarriage. For the health of the patient and the baby, certain steps should be taken. It is something that the doctor can track by using tests to know whether a person is in the healthy range or not. The dangers to a person who does not treat the problem include many dire consequences.

It is never a good thing to brush the symptoms of an under active thyroid under the table. Any one who is struggling from it should check with their doctor. One of the main symptoms of an under active thyroid will show up in changes on the scale. It could be caused by something other than your diet. It is sometimes the result of something that is beyond your use of willpower. People should not be afraid of being diagnosed with a thyroid problem. There are millions of people who have been diagnosed with this problem already. People still go about their normal lives despite a malfunctioning gland. If a person can keep up with the regimen they will reap many benefits.

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When someone suddenly adds or drops a few pounds and does not know why, they might have a thyroid gland that is not acting in the way that it should. If the gland is producing too many hormones, the result is losing weight quickly. People also suffer from a problem if they can not produce enough of the chemicals that the body needs. Hypothyroidism leads to a person adding the pounds. If a person is diagnosed by a doctor with either o these conditions they can do something about it. A person will have to make an effort if they want to maintain a healthy body weight while dealing with this condition. That does not mean a person should not try.

The first key is understanding the condition that you are facing better and the best way to do that is to go online and find out what the symptoms of low thyroid condition are and if you are affected by any of them and what effect an under active or over active thyroid will have on your body both physically and mentally and what you can do to limit those effects. To limit the effects a person can do a few basic things.

Write down your diet and exercise regimen. It is good to write down how many calories you take in and what form they are in. Seeing it in writing makes it easier to make the right choices. A journal is one of the best educational tools that a person has to learn what is a proper diet for them. It will also teach you how to make the right choices and what they are so you can include more of them as you go.

If you know how your body is using the food that you put into it you can come up with a diet that will allow you to get fit and trim even if you have a hormone imbalance. Caloric intake and output are going to decide whether a person gains or loses weight and it is good to know how much you are using to help decide how much to take in. Consider the types of food you are eating as well. People should be careful about a food regimen that is overly restrictive. Following an unhealthy regimen can damage the body and if a person already has a thyroid problem they could damage it even more.

Get regular physical activity. In order to do any good a person must work out in a way that gets their heart pumping for a reasonable amount of time several times a week. There are many different types of exercise that a person can choose from. It is just important to get the blood circulating more through a physical activity. There are many things a person can change in their life to increase their physical activity.

Step on a scale more often. Try to weigh yourself at the same time every time. This will allow you track your weight consistently. The diary is a great way for a person to monitor their weight as they go. It is another way to see what works and what does not work for you.

Talk to your doctor to know how much you should weigh for your body type. It is also good to consult a health professional to come up with a good food and exercise regimen to follow and how you can do more to reach the goals that you set. Make sure to find out what is safe for you and what is not.

If a person is trying to control their weight despite a thyroid problem they need to be careful. Doing the wrong things could cause more harm than good and although it might be the simplest thing to just take a bunch of low thyroid diet pills, the reality is that dealing with a thyroid condition requires a person to do many different things to ensure that their body is working properly and these include medicine, diet, and exercise.

Just because you have a hormone imbalance does not mean that you have to struggle with your body shape. Make sure not to expect too much. To control their weight they have to learn how to make the right choices. It is a lifestyle that they should continue for the rest of their life.

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A lot of people would like to get fit and trim. Many of them are not succeeding. They may think you're just not exercising enough. For some people the reason is in the food choices they make. To solve the problem a person reduces or eliminates all of the food in their diet. For some people it does not matter how well they diet or how much they exercise, the weight will not go away. They are forced to live with the stares of others even though it might not be their fault. But for some people the real answer is that they might have a thyroid problem.

While some doctors erroneously dismiss thyroid disease as just another lame or lazy excuse for being overweight, the reality is that for millions of overweight people, thyroid disease is a very real reason behind weight problems and that a unexplained weight gain is just one of the many symptoms of low thyroid condition that also include reduced energy levels, dry skin and hair, constipation, and depression, and it is very important for a person to take the necessary steps to get the problem under control.

Many people do not even know they are having a problem with this gland. At the same time, more than half of all Americans are overweight. It should make people stand up and wonder. How many of the undiagnosed thyroid patients are also struggling with weight gain, or an inability to lose weight?

It is common for a person to try to lose a few pounds. Some of those are facing more of an uphill battle, because they are dealing with an underlying thyroid condition. If that condition is undiagnosed or untreated a person will find it harder to get into the shape that they want to be.

The key to finding out if you have either an under active or an over active thyroid is to understand what the symptoms are for both of these conditions and although the under active thyroid symptoms in women are slightly different that for a man, a simple look at the different symptoms and finding out if you are suffering from some or many of them will go a long way in helping a person decide if they have a problem or not.

Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism mean that the body is not making enough or is making too much of some of the hormones that regulate their body. A person is not able to burn calories in the way they should. This means that the body processes from digestion to hair growth to thinking also slow down.

Some of the risks for hyperthyroidism are gender. Men have a lower risk of having a thyroid issue. Exposure to radiation can be hazardous. There are certain chemicals that will cause problems for some people. Eating too many raw foods that are called giotrogenic and include rutabaga, radishes, cauliflower, and kale Senior citizens are more likely to be affected also.

There are several symptoms that a person should be aware of to signal a problem of the gland not producing enough hormones. A person will be more tired than normal. For some they will notice dry skin. Some people suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Be aware of a raspy and horse voice.

For anyone who notices any of these symptoms, the key is to check with a doctor. There are many other symptoms that have not been listed also. There are ways to tackle the issues that are caused by this condition. The key is diet, exercise and medication. But if a person is not aware that they have a problem it will not go away. They will continue to suffer from the variety of symptoms that they face. A person should face the problem rather than avoiding it. If the problems persist despite your best efforts do not think that you just have to try harder. A person will be better off if they confront the issue and deal with it.

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Being overweight or underweight is sometimes a side effect of a thyroid problem. For some, if they fix their thyroid they think they will fix their weight problems. If they take the medication that they need to they will lose the weight they gained. People will sometimes find that it is not that simple to get back into the shape they want once their thyroidism is under control.

The blame for the inability to get back into shape will fall on the fact that the person still has a medical condition. They will look for other reasons behind their weight gain, and they might try to further limit their calories, or they will exercise even more, but they still face the weight issues that were among the first of the symptoms of low thyroid condition that they saw before they were diagnosed with an under active thyroid and will wonder what they have to do to fix the weight issues that they are facing. The true fact is that the hormones are in balance and a person must change something else to shed the pounds.

There are three factors that are likely at work for people who are having a difficult time losing weight. Glucose tolerance along with how a person thinks and how a person uses energy affect how they are able to lose weight. If a person is able to resolve their hormonal imbalance they then have to take care of the rest o the issues to get into shape.

If your caloric intake is increased it causes a person to add some pounds. Our body worked harder to expend the extra energy that is coming into the body. Your metabolism sets a new level. If a person has increased the caloric intake the body adjusts to use them rather than store them. People who struggle with their weight are not able to adjust this set point easily. The extra calories are taken in and the body does not adjust to the increase. Fewer calories are burned and the weight is stored. This theory can help explain why some people seem to be able to eat more while not gaining weight. It helps explain how come a person packs on the pounds despite what seems like a healthy diet.

A person's metabolism is often times out of a person's control. A person can do some things to minimize the problem. Following a regular food regimen will be very beneficial. Do not vary the amount of calories that are taken in on any given day. If a person really wants to improve their metabolism they need to work out more often.

People often think they are hungry. People will think they are hungry because that is what they are being told. Hormones also play a part in determining hunger levels. In addition to taking some low thyroid diet pills a person can do some other things to help counteract the affects of their brain on their need to eat and they can do this by boosting serotonin levels in their body through aerobic exercises for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week and herbal supplements that will also boost production of serotonin and help a person to avoid the hungry feeling that leads to increased consumption and therefore increased weight.

The last part is insulin resistance. The thyroid can slow down the body's ability to process carbohydrates well. Insulin levels increase to help with the carbohydrates. Fluctuating glucose will cause a person to eat more in response to the changes which will add some pounds.

It is important to understand how the hormones will cause a person to gain or lose pounds. People will have to take care of the issue for the rest of their life. But if they do the right things they can control it.

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