How Does Mascara Damage Eyelashes As As People Employed This Commonly

Many ladies ask themselves the question "Does mascara damage eyelashes?", as they read reports of lashes falling out after using the product. They are, of course, anxious to avoid any damage to their own hair, but at the same time they are keen to acquire those long, lustrous eyelashes they have seen in celebrity photographs. And it seems that the only way to get them is to use mascara. In this article I will talk about the three ways by which your lashes might come to harm as a result of using eye makeup and tell you how to avoid this happening.

The ingredients of most eye makeups are quite harmless but many women can suffer an allergic reaction to them. Frequently the allergy will cause the area of skin around the lashes to swell and this is what results in damage to the hairs. If this occurs then a switch to hypo-allergenic mascara will most likely be a solution.

There are basically two types of mascara, waterproof and non-waterproof. The waterproof variety is more difficult to remove without pulling at the eyelash and it is over energetic tugging on the lashes that results in loss and damage. Obviously the answer is to be very gentle when using a special remover and to resist the temptation to pull at the hairs. It is better to use a wiping action rather than to pull at them.

Of course the best answer here is to avoid using the waterproof variety at all. It can be a problem if you going to the beach or attending a long affair, but the avoidance of any eyelash damage might be worth the inconvenience of having to repair your make up from time to time.

Another major cause of damage to eyelashes is to apply eye makeup too thickly and then to leave it on for a long time. It becomes very hard to remove as it stiffens and gets brittle. The extra thickness also adds to the problem of removing it without causing any harm. The remedy is simple: apply the mascara lightly and always make a point of removing it as soon as possible.

As has been shown, it's not necessarily the mascara that can damage eyelashes but the way it is used or misused that does this. If you find a product that doesn't give you any sort of reaction, then following the advice given in this article will enable you to continue to use it and benefit from it without any problems.

Don't hesitate, find what you're looking for. If it's time to take action, do it now. Welcome to my blog about this topic. does eyeliner damage your eyes