Find Out How To Settle Your Nerves Naturally

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Non chemical treatment plans are fast replacing medications once very popular for treating nerves. Learning to naturally calm your nerves is much preferred over chemical treatments. There are several therapies that are very effective with few side effects if any, and generally more healthy for the individual. Music therapy, herbal remedies, and breathing exercises are much preferred alternatives to chemicals.

Since drugs can have a multitude of side effects it is wise to try and stay away from them. Using herbs is a natural and gentler way of relieving stress and calming the nerves. There are a number of herbs that can accomplish this without any side effects that pharmaceuticals have such as preventing one from thinking clearly.

Herbal treatments are inexpensive compared to prescription medication. They can be a great help with proper use, so it is advisable to learn how they work in the system. Because herbs are very powerful they can adversely interact with any medications that you might be taking. For that reason it is very important to check with your medical practitioner before starting any herbal treatment.

Hops, used as a tea, will help with relieving depression and calming the nervous system. The tea can also help treat digestive disorders that are related to stress. Another herb that has been used by Chinese doctors to relieve nervous anxiety and tension is Skullcap. This is a plant that grows in tropical climates as well as in North American climates. Green tea can also be calming but has some caffeine so for those who are not accustomed to caffeine it may prevent sleep.

Another very effective herb is Valerian root. This herb has been used for generations in Europe to soothe the nerves. It does have a very strong odor but it is worth enduring for the amazing effects. If the smell is just too much, it can be found in tablet or pill form. Two other well known herbs are Passion Flower and Lemon Balm. They are both made into teas and are used for their calming results. Lemon Balm is also used in aromatherapy. Chamomile is another favorite that is made into a tea which will have a relaxing effect that helps bring on sleep.

Found in pill form or as teas, herbs can all be purchased in health food or grocery stores. It may be necessary to to try several remedies to determine which one works best. Make sure to note the effects the herbs have on you before operating a car or machines. It is always recommended that you discuss the use of herbal remedies with your medical practitioner to make sure that nothing will interfere with any medications you may be taking. Remember that herbs are very potent and can adversely interact with medications.

Music therapy is another option that is very effective in calming the nerves. It can be used in addition to herbal plans or alone. The effects of using music for relaxation are very positive whether making it yourself or just listening to it. In combination with a cup of hot herbal tea, music might just produce amazing results.

For those who do not care to use herbs as a natural remedy, or find music is not therapeutic, deep breathing exercises may work. There are many exercises that are simple to learn that will bring about a calming effect. These exercises can be done whenever needed through the day or night. It may take some experimenting to fine the therapy that works best for you. Just keep in mind that natural remedies are healthier ones.

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